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Beat it
Man in the Mirror

Michael Jackson Laughing (Part 1)
Montage of the best funny moments when Michael laughs or laughs really hard that he can't stop laughing.

Part 2:

RIP, Michael, u are a Legend from planet Earth, neva forgotten, thank u for the joy and happiness you have brought to all around the world with ur music & energy. It hurts so much when you can't be with us any more :'(








__?§$$$$?_??______§§§$§§§§§$$§ ?

___?§$$$§????_____?§$$$J§§§§§§ $$§?

____?$$§?________§$$$$h§$§§§§§ §$§

_____§$§§3_______$$$§§§§§§§§$§ $$§

______§$$§§$____$$§§§$§§§§§$§§ $$§

_______§$$$$$$$$$$§$§§§$$$$§§§ $$§


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