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ET`s firt interwiev with Michael Jackson
We're taking a look back at the life of music legend and King of Pop Michael Jackson, and we're taking you back to ET's very first interview with Michael.

It was February of 1983, and Michael's legendary album Thriller, had just gone platinum, and would later become the best-selling album of all time, and a 24-year-old Michael sat down with former ET correspondent Dixie Whatley.

When asked where his gift for music came from, he answered, "God," and when asked whether there was a formula for his success, he answered, "It's my heart, I put my heart in it."

After childhood of fame, Michael told ET, "I'm just beginning to enjoy friendship, which is new to me."

He also said that making music made him happy: "I love to create, when I'm not creating I'm not as happy."

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